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Prototype stencil kit includes, Stencil, board registration holder, and squeegee blade
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Complete Prototype SMT Stencil Kit

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When prototyping by hand; you need every advantage.  Flat foils are easier for the stencil manufacturer, and work great when mounted into a frame.  When printing by hand, flat foils can cause poor paste release and slumping when lifting.  Accept no substitute!

Prototype stencils are designed specifically for hand printing.  They are rigid due to the three folded sides.  This allows for superior paste release and a successful print every time.  Don't be tricked into using a cheap manufacturing alternative.

You will save time and money using a frameless prototype stencil versus a framed stencil.

Most orders ship the same day they are ordered.

This full kit contains: stencil, squeegee, board registration holder, temperature marker, ESD safe gloves and an alcohol wipe.

Download our instructional .PDF file for easy step by step instructions.

Technical Info/Specs

Technology used to make the stencils 100% laser cut
Material used 304 Full Hard Stainless Steel
Stencil thickness .004 - .010 inches
Minimum cut width .0015 inches
Aperture tolerance within .00025 inches

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